Toya Golf Academy

The golf academy consists of three covered and heated rooms, the so-called swing rooms that allow students to improve their skills regardless of the weather throughout the year. Each room has, among others, a computer, a TV set and several mirrors for more effective work with students. One of the swing rooms also has a putting green. The academy uses the following devices during the lessons:


A radar tool that allows us to optimally match the appropriate driver to a given player. It allows you to read swing parameters such as: backspin, ball exit angle, stroke cleanliness, club head path, club head speed and swing plane. It allows us to read the real distance we actually hit our balls with each club


A vest with built-in sensors, thanks to which we can see the biomechanics of golf swing in three dimensions. We can see the degree to which the body is turning during a golf move, and we can also accurately determine the swing sequence. It is a great tool for getting to know how our body works during a golf swing.


A platform that accurately measures weight transfer and body pressure during a golf swing. It is undoubtedly the only device, consisting of 2,500,000 sensors, which allows us to accurately check how our body weight moves during the swing, which does not last longer than 1.8 seconds. The reading is presented in the form of a highly legible 3D or 2D image


The most advanced golf swing technical analysis software. This program allows us to see our own swing on the screen and understand the mistakes that are made. A big advantage of this system is that we are able to send a recorded lesson by e-mail to the student along with a commentary and corrective exercises. All instruments are designed to improve and facilitate students' understanding of their golf swing
Our instructors

Patryk Jabłoński

He started his adventure with golf in 2007. After a few years of playing, Patryk was offered the opportunity to join the team of coaches at Akademi Golf at Toya Golf and Country Club in Wrocław. This is where Patrick learned directly from Matthew Tipper. Watching and assisting in his lessons with students and players from the elite of Polish golf, he deepened his knowledge. After completing the 1st stage of detailed theoretical and practical training, Patryk achieved his coaching qualifications as Associate Instructor at the Matthew Tipper Golf Academy. 12 months later, Patryk successfully completed the 2nd stage of training and is now a Certified Instructor of the Matthew Tipper Golf Academy. Patryk also participates in training PGA Poland instructors to gain all PGA qualifications. Patryk has been trained to use all the latest devices available at the academy, such as: Trackman, K-Vest 3D, Sam Balance Lab and V1 analysis.

Matthew Tipper

He comes from Porthcawl, South Wales, where he started golf at the age of 10. When he turned 17, he made the decision to train and began attending the David Leadbetter Academy in the UK. Prior to agreeing to become a David Leadbetter Academy coach in China, training led Matthew to Malaysia, Dubai and Portugal. Matthew quickly rose through the ranks of the Leadbetter system, attaining a director position in South Korea within 4 years. Matthew accepted the offer of a new role in which he would open the first David Leadbetter Academy in Central Europe at the prestigious Toya Golf and Counry Club in Wrocław. Working with Poland's best juniors, they quickly established a new level of performance. Matthew opened his academy in 2013 (MTGA) and has so far helped many players win a US scholarship and more than 50 national and international titles. The Tipper trainer is one of the few instructors in the world to have K-Vest Level 3 as well as TrackMan Level 2 certification, and also represents AimPoint in Poland.

Price list

Patryk Jabłoński
Type of lesson – Adult / junior


4h Golf Lesson package ** – PLN 650

8h Golf Lesson package *** – PLN 1200

Golf lesson 1h / person * – 200 PLN / 150 PLN

Golf lesson 1h / person adult + junior – 225 PLN

Golf lesson 1h / 2 people – 250 PLN / 200 PLN

Golf lesson 1h / 3 people – 300 PLN / 225 PLN

Golf lesson 1h / 4 people – PLN 350 / PLN 250

Golf lesson 1h / 5 people – 400 PLN / 275 PLN

Golf lesson 2h / person * – PLN 400 / PLN 300

Golf lesson 2h / 2 people – 250 PLN / person / 200 PLN / person

Golf lesson 2h / 3 people – 200 PLN / person. / 150 PLN / person

Golf lesson 2h / 4 people – PLN 175 / person / 125 PLN / person

Golf lesson 2h / 5 people – PLN 160 / person / 110 PLN / person

Playing lesson on the field

Patryk Jabłoński
2 hours of lessons on the 18H golf course


1 person – PLN 300

2 people – PLN 180 / person

3 people – PLN 140 / person

4 people – PLN 120 / person

Our pupils and their successes

Adrian Meronk

Adrian was known in the golf scene at the age of 17 when he passed CUT at the British Boys Championships. It was the start of an exceptional progression in golf that continued for the next few years, with Adrian winning every major national title, his first international being the WJGS (World Junior Golf Series). His excellent form attracted the interest of the American College, Adrian decided to accept the offer and enrolled at the University of Tennessee, where he became a member of the men's golf team ETSU Buccaneers. Regularly competing with the best golfers from the USA, Adrian has repeatedly won first places in university tournaments and for 3 years he was chosen MVP (Most Valuable Player) by his university, and was also nominated for the All American team, which is an extremely great honor. He was placed in the top 50 amateur players in the WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranking), finished 22nd World Amateur Golf Championship, leading medalist in the Amateur Championship, 2015 US Amateur and is the first Pole to be invited to participate in the prestigious Palmer Cup Tournament - an annual tournament between Europe and the United States for university students, where he was unbeatable. Today he is a professional golfer taking part in tournaments incl. European Tour.

Jan Szmidt Jr

At the age of 13, he obtained a single-digit handicap, then he was included in the Polish Junior National Team. Jan has participated in one of the world's greatest amateur golf events and achieved success by winning the European Young Masters Strokeplay and the Faldo Series. He was the Polish Junior Champion of Amateurs and added the Polish Mens Matchplay title to his national titles.

Aleksandra Wójcikowska

At the age of 10, with HCP 54, she joined the group of golfers registered in the PZG and started competing in the Audi Junior Tour in the Children group. In the first year of starts, Ola reduced her handicap to 48, achieving her first successes. The next year saw starts in the Youth group, where Ola took podium places in the Audi Junior Tour tournaments and third place in the Youth group in the overall classification of the Audi Junior Tour series, ending the season with HCP 31.9. The year 2017 also brought a very nice achievement for every golfer, which is hole in one. Ola started the 2018 season by lowering handicap to 29.

Kuba Urbański

He trains and plays under the supervision of Matthew Tipper and Patryk Jabłoński. He has been associated with the Toya Golf & CCW golf course for over 10 years. He took his first golf steps under the watchful eye of his father, who infected him with a passion for this sport. The breakthrough and the motivation for further play were the first successes of the Junior Tour tournament. With time, he started training more intensively and golf became his greatest passion. He won the Polish U-12 Championship and got into the national team. He was successful in several more important tournaments, such as the Faldo Series in Austria, the Lithuanian runner-up and the Polish U18 championship.

Kuba Ćmikiewicz

Kuba started playing golf with HCP 36. He was trained at the Toya Golf Academy, where he made significant progress and gained valuable experience throughout his golf career by participating in club and national tournaments. Development takes time and patience, and Kuba, aware of this, followed the plan set up by our academy to achieve his goals. 2015 was his breakthrough year, in which he competed fiercely in national events and reduced his handicap to 8. Kuba was a member of the Polish National Team.

Kacper Wójcikowski

Kacper started his golf game with HCP 36. His training for the last few years was conducted under the supervision of our academy. Over the years, Kacper continued to make progress and gained valuable experience by playing in club and national golf tournaments. Development takes time and patience, just like Kuba, Kacper was fully aware of this and precisely followed the plan prepared by our academy to achieve his goals. 2015 was a significant year for him as he competed at a good level in national golf events and came down from handicap to 10.

Mateusz Zygadło

Mateusz started his adventure with golf in the spring of 2016 at the age of 11. It was he who inspired his parents to practice this sport with passion and commitment. In his first competition in the Audi Junior Tour series he started in April 2017, winning 3rd place in the HCP 36-54 category. Later, throughout the season, he competed in the next competitions of this series. At the same time, he systematically trained at our academy, made progress and developed his golf skills. Starting with HCP 54, he went down to 26.1 during the season. Thanks to training at our academy, he has a chance to improve his skills. In subsequent seasons, he will implement the planned training program and try his hand at the next competitions.

Mikołaj Puła

Mikołaj has played tennis since the age of 6, but at the age of 10 he started his adventure with golf. Mikołaj got to know golf thanks to his parents who took him to the driving range. He liked the sport very much and started training with Patryk Jabłoński during the junior academy. He played his first tournament in 2016, it was an audi junior tour to Kraków Valley, during which he lowered his handicap from 54.00 to 39.00. The following year, Nicholas trained on Gradi with Perter Bronson. This year, he played many more tournaments and lowered his handicap to 19.2.

Martyna Dymnicka

Martyna started her adventure with golf 7 years ago. Her dad infected her with her passion for this sport. It was with him that she discovered the first secrets of golf. She played her first tournament in the BMW Junior Tour series in 2013, and in August of the same year she won the Polish vice-championship in the Girls under 12 category. In 2014 and 2016, she took part with the Polish national team in the international Olympic Hopes Trophy tournament in Hungary and Slovakia.
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